Got an Emergency, Walk In Now

Why wait in an Emergency Room and pay extra.

Adults and Children, No Appointment Necessary.

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Come Visit Us

at our Newest Clinic at
168-14 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica NY 11432

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Had a wild night, no worries,

AG is here to make sure you
didn’t bring a Virus Home

Pediatrician with over 20 years of Experience

High Fever?
Soar Throat?



No Worries, Just walk in.

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Did you know that your insurance covers nutritional coach?

  • Change your bad habits. Create a winning plan.
  • Get the body you desire. Increase your sexual drive.
Stop by today to meet your coach.

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Allergy testing and treatment

Did you know 30% of adults and 40% of children suffer from allergic deseases?

Stop by to find out what you’re allergic to and
what your treatment options are.

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Why is regular footcare important?

20 million adults suffer from foot related problems and don’t know it.
Diabetes is the leading cause of amputations, 60% are the lower limb.
Comprehensive footcare can improve your foot health.

Stop By for a consultation.

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Urgent Care Brooklyn & Manhattan Locations

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm



Most accidents happen at home and when they do you need to see a doctor immediately.  Cuts and falls, coughs and rashes need treatment urgently and can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment.  At AG Urgent Care in NYC you can walk in and receive quality care without a long wait.


AG Urgent Care clinicians are trained in emergency medicine.  They know how to treat your injury quickly and carefully, and reduce your pain.  Whether your child was treated for hives or you had stitches, they will tell you how to care for the injury when you go home.


We don’t believe in long lines or rude people.  Our highly trained clinicians and nurses care about you and want  you to feel better.  That’s why AG Urgent Care takes care of you quickly so you can get home to the things you love.

All Inclusive Healthcare Membership


We are WeHealth
The First Urgent Care In Your Pocket

We are leaders in Tele Urgent Care. We instantly connect you to experienced ER clinicians 24/7/365.
markerUnlimited Access for only $25 a month

Speak to us for as long as you need, face to face, with no time limits. Get the Urgent Care you deserve in minutes.

markerExperienced ER clinicians based in US

Got a cold or flu, vomiting or diarrhea, UTI or a sports injury, our trusted ER clinicians can absolutely treat a host of common illnesses through a Video visit.

markerPrescriptions sent to your local pharmacy

Need a prescription or a referral to a specialist, no worries, our trusted innovative technology will connect seamlessly to your local pharmacy.

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We are WeHealth, The first all inclusive healthcare membership

We are the leaders in all inclusive Concierge Medicine. We provide access to clinicians near you for a flat monthly price.
Unlimited Urgent Care Visits for only $150 a month

Just walk in and get care in minutes. Our ER clinicians are experienced in dealing with the most severe medical conditions.

Annual Physical and Preventative care

Silver Plus includes coverage for annual physicals, pediatric and adult, GYN care, routine office visits. Plan also provides coverage for tests like EKGs, blood sugar evaluations, annual flu shot and much more

24/7/365 Virtual Care

Unlimited access to ER Clinicians based in US via our WEHEALTH APP Speak to us for as long as you need, face to face, with no time limits. Get the Urgent Care you deserve in minutes.

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We are WeHealth, The first all inclusive healthcare membership

We are the leaders in all inclusive Concierge Medicine. We provide access to clinicians near you for a flat monthly price.
markerFull Suite of Specialists for only $400 a month

Do you have a lingering foot pain, or need a Heart Check up, or maybe you're ready to create that winning diet plan. Well our specialists are waiting for you.

marker Onsite Diagnostic Imaging and Lab work

Ever wonder what's causing your abdominal pain, or need a quick X-ray to make sure its not a fracture. Our state of the art equipment provides our specialist an ability to diagnose quickly and effectively.

markerWehealth App and Silver Plus benefits

Unlimited onsite Urgent Care visits and Unlimited 24/7/365 Virtual Care Visits are included in your golden parachute so you get the best of both worlds.

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WeHealth Membership

Isn’t it time you got personalized access to health care you can trust?  WeHealth membership plans give you the convenience of quick care at a reasonable price; and it all begins in the palm of your hand.  The WeHealth Mobile app gives you immediate call-in access 24/7 for only $25 a month and no co-pays.  You can add personalized walk-in care and expand your care options with the Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans.  Read more and discover how convenient the best clinicians in town can be.  We think that great health care should have been this easy for you and your family a long time ago.

Mobile App

  • Unlimited – Video Visits
  • Available 24 / 7 / 365
  • Prescribing of Medication and Supplies
  • Work Release Letters
  • Referral to Specialists
  • Kids & Adults

Silver +

  • WeHealth Mobile App
  • Unlimited – Walk in Urgent Care
  • GYN Visits
  • Annual physical exam & Preventative Visits
  • Kids & Adults
  • Flu Vaccine
  • Wound Care & Many More Treatment

Gold +

  • WeHeath Mobile APP
  • Silver+
  • X-Ray
  • Cardiology
  • Podiatry
  • Nutritionist
  • Allergy Testing
  • Vascular Studies
  • Minor Procedures
Compare Plans
AG Urgent Care LLC

Medical Services
Silver +
Gold +
We Health Mobile App - Adult/Pediatric OkOkOk$25.00
Walk In Clinic Brooklyn - Urgent Care during
(9am to 10pm Weekdays, 10am to 6pm on Weekends)
Gynecological Care
Gyn examCancelOkOk$150.00
Pap smear (One per year)CancelOkOk$35.00
Family PlanningCancelOkOk$45.00
Pregnancy testCancelOkOk$35.00
Primary Care - Urgent Care (Adults & Pediatrics)
Annual Physical examsCancelOkOk$150.00

Prevtative Health
Routine Office visits
Flu vaccine (One per year) CancelOkOk$52.00
Weight/Height BMI Check
Blood Sugar Evaluation

Fecal occult blood test

PPD skin test (One per year)

Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)CancelOkOk$48.00
X-ray imagingCancelCancelOk$45.00

Childhood immunization
(Cost of vaccines are additional for some plans)
Initial ConsultationCancelCancelOk$150.00
Weight Loss ManagementCancelCancelOk$60.00
Personal Health GoalsCancelCancelOk$60.00
Routine Office visitsCancelCancelOk$250.00
Vascular studies (Venous, Carotid, Peripheral duplex scans)CancelCancelOk
Holter MonitorCancelCancelOk
Routine Office visitsCancelCancelOk$150.00
Ankle Brachial Index testCancelCancelOk$155.00
Custom Orthotics CancelCancelOk$450.00
Personal Coach - Life Coaching
Counseling CancelCancelOk$500.00
Urgent Care treatments
Ear Irrigation for waxCancelOkOk$18.00
Cold & Flu
Sore Throat

Diarrhea & Vomiting
Eye Issues
Sports Injuries
Travel Illness
Smoking Cessation
Nebulizer Treatment with oxygen concentrator
Vitamin B-12 and Allergy shot (steroid)CancelCancelOk$28.00
Tetanus vaccine (after injury)CancelCancelOk$89.00
IM/IV treatments (cost of drug is not included)CancelCancelOk$95.00
Office Based surgeries
I & D of abscessCancelOkOk$150.00
Wound care with debridementCancelOkOk$150.00
Application of cast for minor non-displaced fracturesCancelOkOk$150.00
Repair of lacerationCancelOkOk$150.00
Application of splintCancelOkOk$150.00
Repair of split ear lobes (Non Cosmetic)CancelOkOk$150.00
Shaving of skin lesionsCancelCancelOk$150.00
Skin Tag removalCancelCancelOk$150.00
Joint injections (steroid)CancelCancelOk$150.00
Tendon injections (steroid)CancelCancelOk$150.00
Sebaceous cyst removalCancelCancelOk$150.00
Partial or full nail removal for fungus ingrown toe nailCancelCancelOk$150.00
Other Services
Lab Test (blood, urine, stool, toxicology)CancelOkOk
Discount prescription cardCancelOkOk
Referral for discounted CT scan and MRIOkOkOk
Referral to SpecialistOkOkOk
Prescribing of Medication or DMEOPOkOkOk$33.00
Work release lettersOkOkOk$28.00
Pre-surgical testingCancelOkOk$150.00
Administrative Physicals
College Physicals
Work Physicals
DOT Physicals
Minimum Agreement TermNone6 month1 year
Early Termination Fee$0.00$200.00$500.00
Saving of
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