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Brooklyn and Queens urgent care doctors ready to see you for immediate medical treatment and routine health visits.


Walk-in clinics in Brooklyn and Queens provide pediatric and adult care.


Secure video chat with a doctor 24/7/365 right from your mobile device.


Our local doctors come right to your door for safe, convenient in-home care.


Walk-in Urgent Care Doctors in Brooklyn and Queens

Our Brooklyn walk-in clinics are conveniently located in Brownsville, Bushwick, Flatbush Junction, Prospect Lefferts, and our Queens urgent care location in Jamaica.

Why Choose Us?

Affordable Uninsured Options

Uninsured or high deductible insurance? We have options that allow you to pay per visit or sign up for a monthly plan giving you multiple visits each month without the per visit fees.

Convenient Locations

Five convenient Brooklyn and Queens walk-in clinic locations means that we are never very far away. Don’t want to walk in? Use our telehealth app and video chat with a doctor.

Top Doctors and Staff

Our award-winning doctors and staff make you feel safe, welcome, and well taken care of each time you walk in the door or visit us online.

Available 24/7/365

Even if you can’t walk in to one of our clinics, you can still speak with a doctor. Use our telehealth app to video visit with a doctor 24/7/365.

Visit on Your Phone

Use our WeHealth app to visit a doctor right from your phone. Great for follow-up visits!

Affordable Walk-in Doctors
in Brooklyn & Queens

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