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Just like picking what clothes to wear, choosing an insurance that would suit your health care needs could be difficult. Being wise is the best characteristic we need to have when making a decision for this. But worry not; because you can still choose an insurance that is suitable to your needs by just asking these 7 questions.

1. Are there any deductibles, if so, how much?  - This is the basic question everyone has to ask when choosing an insurance. By asking for deductibles we get to compute how long we can pay for it, and if we could really afford the plan. Some plans have high deductibles but low monthly premiums, and some have low to almost no deductibles but high monthly premiums. It only differs on the purpose of the plan. If you get sick often and needs to go to doctor's office 2 to 4 times a week, then low deductible plans might work best for you. 

2. What is the maximum I will have to pay for out-of-pocket? -  Out-of-pocket is the total amount you have to pay by yourself for medical services annually, before your insurance pays for you. Out-of-pocket only counts if you pay for covered medical services. Deductible also counts under out-of-pocket. For example, you have a maximum out of pocket of $1000 that you have meet that through paying for covered services, then your insurance will be obliged to pay for everything else. 

3. Is my current doctor covered by the plan? - We know that it is hard to let go of a doctor whom you have trusted with your health care. That is why asking this question is necessary. If your doctor is not covered or in network with the plan, you can still see your doctor. it might just take a little bit of your out-of-pocket money. Also take time to check We Health. You won't have any problems getting a physician again with this app. they offer face to face chat with a physician. You can speak to them anytime and anywhere you want.

4. How much will I pay if I see a doctor who isn’t covered? - We know it might make you uncomfortable going to some unfamiliar doctor's office for the first time. However, asking this question will give you time to prepare for the medical cost if your primary doctor is not covered with your plan. 

5. Do I have to pick one clinic or primary care physician? - Primary care physicians or PCPs also known as general practitioners before, are doctors who have basic knowledge with regards to most health issues you have. If the PCPs diagnosed that your health issues are more complex than they can handle, they will refer you to the appropriate specialist. Some insurance requires a PCP. If you don't have a PCP yet, it's better to call your doctor or call our AG Urgent care office at 877-471-9091. They have a list of PCPs and they have great staffs who offer great services.

6. How much do I have to pay for alternative therapies or services? - Alternative therapies sometimes works better for other people and this kind of services are getting famous. If you want to try getting into these therapies, make sure the plan you will get covers these features. 

7. What if I develop a serious health condition? - Sickness comes to us without notice, but knowing that we are ensured lessens the burden of this. make sure to contact your insurance about this, because it is always better to be prepared at all times.

Asking these questions to an insurer is the best way for us to get prepared. The most important factor when inquiring about and insurance is taking into consideration our necessities and the purpose of the plan. If you need further assistance with regards to getting an insurance or changing insurance, you can always visit AG Urgent Care. Your health is a priority to us. We are always here to help you get better. 


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