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How to Get Home Health Care for Parents

When growing up, we’re always used to the parents taking care of us. However, once we reach that age where we watch our parents retire, it’s now up to us to play the caretaker role. Yet, with the jobs that most of us have, along with children and family of our own to handle, it can be tough to take care of parents that have just decided to retire.

There’s a need to not only worry about their wellbeing, but also their safety and health as well. The older that a person is, the more naturally that their health begins to decline. To make matters even more dire, it’s not exactly as accessible for parents to reach a hospital as they usually once could. Perhaps they’ve become homebound or have ailing limbs that make it just a bit harder to move around. No matter what the reason is, there has to be a way for them to manage their health in an effective way.

So, what solution is there — especially when they might live in the busy and crowded city of New York?

The answer lies in none other than NYC house calls.

What Are House Calls?

House calls are a solution that your retired parents can take advantage of to maximize their health. Rather than needing to hassle over to a faraway hospital, they can have their doctor come straight to their home instead. What this provides is not only more attentive care, but also the development of a more personal relationship between doctor and patient that can deepen their understanding of each other.

Who Qualifies for House Calls?

In general, any patient who checks off any of the following can qualify for home calls:

  • They are homebound
  • They are either immobile, are using a mobility device, or have difficulty in ambulation
  • They are disabled or not capable of visiting a Doctor’s Office
  • The doctor needs to assess home environment and patient and caregiver function


If your retired parents fit the bill, then house calls may be the only solution they need to manage their health in their daily affairs.

Take a look at the scope of what house calls can offer in terms of services:

  • Primary Care/Routine Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Nutritionist
  • Wound Care
  • Blood Work
  • Echo
  • EKG
  • Sonograms
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray

Bringing the Doctor Home to Your Mom and Dad

The more multidimensional house calls your parents receive, the better that the benefits will pay off. Apart from the personalized care and convenience that they can enjoy, you can also expect that they’ll experience a reduction in readmission rates and in long-term care facility stays in general.

While living in the bustling city of New York, there’s no better provider of house calls out there than AG Urgent Care.

With experienced doctors located all over in Brooklyn, Queens, Kings, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island, AG Urgent Care ensures that your parents will receive home calls that are both safe and secure.

At every visit, we’ll send a professional doctor or nurse practitioner on over to evaluate and treat them with constant care.

You can rely on us to review everything in a quick and comprehensive manner for the most well-rounded healthcare. If you’re eager to safeguard the health of your parents today, don’t hesitate to request a home visit with AG Urgent Care today. We can’t wait to bring the doctor to you.

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