Broken Bone Treatment in Brooklyn and Queens

Walk-in urgent care treatment in Queens and Brooklyn providing x-rays and treatment for bone breaks and fractures.

Broken Bone Treatment Center Brooklyn
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Recognizing the Signs of a Broken Bone or Fracture

Not all bumps and bruises mean a broken bone. But knowing the red flags can help you decide when to seek medical attention. Here are some common signs of a fracture:


  • Severe pain that doesn’t improve or worsens with movement
  • Deformity or swelling of the affected area
  • Bruising or discoloration around the injury
  • Inability to move the affected limb normally
  • Numbness or tingling in the affected area

Find a Broken Bone X-Ray and Treatment Center Near You in Brooklyn and Queens

If you’re in need of broken bone urgent care in the Brooklyn and Queens area, AG Care has multiple locations where you can obtain the help you need to get x-rays and treatment for breaks and fractures.

Our broken bone treatment centers have convenient locations, a number of services available (so you don’t have to jump around to other locations), lower wait times, and payment options for insured and uninsured patients.

Find a broken bone treatment center near you or check in online today.

Arm Fracture Treatment Brooklyn

Why Choose AG Care for Broken Bones and Fractures?


  • Immediate care: No appointment needed! Simply walk in, and our friendly staff will take care of you right away.
  • Expert diagnosis: Our experienced and qualified healthcare providers are equipped to accurately diagnose fractures and other bone injuries.
  • On-site X-rays and other diagnostics: We have the technology to get a clear picture of what’s going on, right on the spot.
  • Effective treatment: Depending on the severity of your break, we’ll provide splints, casts, pain medication, and other necessary care.
  • Convenient locations: We have multiple clinics throughout Brooklyn and Queens, so you can find one close to you.
  • Affordable prices: We accept most major insurance plans and offer competitive prices for uninsured patients.

Types of Broken Bones

Broken bones, or fractures, can happen to anyone at any time. While the healing process can be uncomfortable, understanding the different types of fractures and their common locations can help you seek appropriate medical attention if needed.


  • Broken arm
  • Broken wrist
  • Broken hand
  • Broken leg
  • Broken foot
  • Broken ankle
Broken Bone X-Ray Center Brooklyn

Broken Bone Treatment Center Near You in Brooklyn

AG Care has convenient broken bone treatment and x-rays near your home in Brooklyn and Queens.

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