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Experienced nutrition coaching in Brooklyn and Queens New York providing trusted weight management and nutritional guidance for a healthy life.

What is Weight Management?

Weight management – does anything carry more dread? Most of us need to lose weight at some point in our lives, and we avoid it because it is so difficult. Let’s face it, it’s a struggle to lose weight. It’s the last thing we want to do even though it may mean better health and a longer life.

If you have tried everything from the grapefruit diet to daily jogging and still can’t get to a healthy weight, come talk to us. Our licensed nutritionist and dietician understands life and its challenges (and that even ice cream can be managed!).

AG Urgent Care offers a licensed nutritionist and dietician services in Brooklyn to help you learn how to navigate daily life while eating well to meet your goals.

  • Are you overweight and you want to lose pounds
  • Do you want to lose weight for a healthier heart or lower cholesterol?
  • Do you want more energy, less painful knees or and better sleep?
  • Do you want to achieve your ideal body shape and increased sexual drive?

Losing weight and eating healthier can help you to achieve these goals. AG Urgent Care is here to support you on your journey.

Brooklyn Weight Management Nutritionist


Our Licensed nutritionist and dietician will become your nutritional coach.

Together you will candidly discuss your personal health goals and daily challenges. You will talk about the special occasions and holidays that can make it difficult to stick to an eating plan. And, in private conversations with your nutritional coach, you will be able to honestly discuss poor eating habits, indulgences and even your sweet tooth.

Then your nutritional coach will develop a personal weight management plan to guide you through each day. A spreadsheet will detail foods and eating times that fit your lifestyle and you will have materials to take home to support your efforts.

The goal is to create easy to follow winning, food plans that integrate seamlessly into your daily lifestyle.


Once you begin your journey to a healthy weight, you will have regularly scheduled one-on-one appointments with your nutritional coach. These meetings are essential to provide you with ongoing support and education as you work toward the weight and the body you desire.

We find that nearly all insurance plans cover the AG Weight Management program. The services of our Licensed Nutritionist and Dietician use evidence-based weight loss science.


You may not realize it, but being overweight is causing more than just frustration and larger clothing sizes. The more weight you carry on your natural body frame, the more you are apt to have pain, aching joints and overall weakness and fatigue. The effort that your body has to exert to carry extra pounds can deplete your energy, make it difficult to sleep and lower your immune system. Add to that the disappointment and low self-esteem that you experience every day that you cannot lose weight, and you are also apt to suffer from irritability, anxiety and depression.

We believe that you deserve to live life with a positive outlook, high performance and the ability to energetically pursue your life’s goals. We get it. Weight loss is tough.

That’s why AG provides you with a Licensed nutritionist and dietician that can help you win the weight management battle once and for all.

Did You Know That Your Insurance Can Cover a Nutritional Coach?

  • Change your bad habits
  • Create a winning plan
  • Get the body you desire
  • Increase your sexual drive
Lenore Shamah NYC Nutritionist

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AG Urgent Care has weight management centers near your home in Brooklyn and Queens so that you can receive weight management and healthy living guidance from experienced nutrition coaches.