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Experienced podiatrists in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn NY providing trusted podiatry care. Get relief from foot aches and pains today.

What is Podiatry?

There’s an old adage that says “A shinbone is a device for finding furniture in the dark.” Funny, but very painful when it happens! If you found the edge of your nightstand last night and your shin is screaming at you today, we can help. The podiatrists at AG Urgent Care are here nights and weekends because we know if you are going to break, sprain or stub your toe, ankle or foot, it won’t always be during business hours.

If you have been dealing with chronic aches and swelling (make this a jump link to common foot problems below), we can help. AG podiatrists are experienced in a wide range of foot and ankle problems and will get you back on your feet without pain.

Some things just can’t wait. Children get hurt on the soccer field or the playground. You twist your ankle on a curb or step on a nail and it’s just too painful to wait for a clinician’s appointment. Come see our Podiatrists in Brooklyn and Queens and they will care for you today, without a long wait.


  • Sprained and broken ankles
  • Stubbed Toes
  • Broken ankles, toes and feet
  • Bruised, Blackened, ripped Toenails
  • Sports Injuries for adults and children
  • Splinters, stepped on a nail, glass, other foreign objects


First of all, healthy feet are important so that you can walk, run and jump. Without them, you wouldn’t get very far unassisted. Regardless of that fact, most of us ignore our feet when they are sore, ache or swell. Foot health is important to your entire body.

Your feet are the farthest organ from your heart and for that reason alone they deserve special attention. If they are going to work correctly they need to have good blood flow.

Arteries carry blood to the feet, and if those arteries become congested it can lead to dangerous conditions involving blood clots. Signs and symptoms of arterial flow problems are sometimes first seen in the feet, like swelling, blue or scaly skin color, or ulcers around the ankles. It stands to reason that paying attention to the health of your feet may help to detect other more serious health conditions for early treatment as well.


There are many common foot problems. Some cause discomfort, while others cause pain that must be treated immediately. Whether your foot and ankle pain comes from high heels or stepping on a fish hook, AG URGENT CARE IN BROOKLYN has dedicated podiatrists right in your neighborhood who are ready to care for you.

Some of the common foot problems that we treat include:

  • Sprained and broken ankles
  • Stubbed Toes
  • Broken ankles, toes and feet
  • Bruised, Blackened, ripped Toenails
  • Sports Injuries for adults and children
  • Splinters, stepped on a nail, glass, other foreign objects


It’s important to take good care of your feet. The fact that they are at the end of your body doesn’t mean they should be the last for care! Here are some tips to follow to ensure your feet remain in good health.

Every day care: Even if you haven’t walked outside barefoot, make sure to wash your feet every day. Dry thoroughly between your toes.

Comfy socks: Wear clean socks every day. For women who wear pantyhose and tights, make sure to keep them clean; it will reduce moisture build up and other bacteria that can lead to athlete’s foot and other infections.

Clean shoes: Keep your shoes clean inside and out. You like a clean house and so do your feet! Avoid going barefoot, especially in public places, but if you must, wash your feet well afterwards.

Trim toenails: Cut your toenails straight across using clean nail clippers. Wash the nail clippers by dipping them in alcohol.

Check your feet: Look for cracks and blisters. Make sure the skin is not discolored. Make sure the temperature of both feet are the same.

If you have pain, aching, swelling or discoloration that won’t go away, come to AG Urgent Care. Our experienced podiatrists will diagnose and treat the conditions that are causing your pain. Taking good care of your feet helps them to take good care of you.

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