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Where to Get a CDL Medical Certification Fast in NYC

As a commercial truck driver or bus driver, you know all too well how important being out on the road is to your livelihood. However, to ensure that you can drive safely, maintaining your health is of utmost priority.

The New York City Department of Transportation especially stresses this by requiring that you pass a DOT physical. Only then will you receive the medical card you need to continue your journey out on the road.

Yet, even though this requirement is a valid one, it certainly isn’t the most convenient to have on hand. As a driver, you might already be under time pressure to stick to a certain schedule or just feel like you have no free moment to schedule an appointment well in advance. So, when it comes time to obtain your first medical card or renew your existing one to qualify to drive, what can you do?

You can rely on AG Urgent Care’s locations as the solution you need to obtain your fastest NYC DOT Physical yet. Let’s take a closer look at the quick procedure and how it can benefit your lifestyle as a driver like never before.

Obtain Your NYC CDL Medical Certification Fast

Here at AG Urgent Care, our main priority is in helping you pass your physical as fast as possible so that you can return back to your job duties. However, we won’t sacrifice any amount of care or attention in making sure you’re safe enough to drive for extended periods of time. That’s why with every visit you pay us, you’ll be examined by our certified medical staff who can perform the NYC DOT physical in compliance with all of the DOT and FMCSA requirements.

Making the process as convenient as possible for you is also high up on our list of priorities. In establishing locations across Brooklyn and Queens, we keep them accessible for you to either schedule an appointment or just walk straight in. Curious about what happens next when you enter the Urgent Care office? Read on to find out more.

What to Expect for Your NY DOT Physical at AG Urgent Care

In creating a hassle-free process that saves you valuable time, we’ll begin to collect your recent health history right away.

As you step into our office, make sure that you have the following with you for a smooth process:

  • Signed and dated Medical Examination Report form
  • A list of current medications, as well as the name and contact info of the prescribing doctor
  • Medical records for any serious conditions
  • A doctor’s letter indicating if you take any medication of pain, psychiatric conditions, attention deficit disorder, or smoking cessation


Once we’ve taken those documents into account, you’ll then be shuttled throughout the urine, vision, hearing, and blood pressure tests in a streamlined and efficient way. In order to get your CDL medical certification, we’ll have to make sure that you pass all those tests with flying colors.

Take a look at this page for some CDL medical exam tips on what you can further expect and what you may need to bring to better speed along the process.

Why You Should Choose AG Urgent Care for Your CDL Medical Certification Needs

At the end of the day, we want you to get back out there on the road in a safe and healthy way. To carry out this goal, you’ll be examined by doctors who are DOT Certified and validated on the FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

In addition to the qualifications they possess, they’ll pay special attention in verifying the documentation you provide and ultimately ensure that you leave with a valid medical card.

With a streamlined process that involves an all-inclusive cost, you can simply walk-in or check in online to get it started right away at a moment’s notice. Don’t hesitate to consider obtaining your required CDL Medical Certification with AG Urgent Care today.

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